We create targeted therapeutic interventions that help each individual child find their unique path to well-being.

An authentic connection with each client, a feeling of safety, and a nurturing therapeutic relationship are paramount in helping the child open up. We talk to the children in hundreds of “languages” and let the children be our guides — painting, clay, music, movement, puppets, sand tray, storytelling, games — only the child can decide what works for them. We practice relaxation techniques by blowing bubbles and taking stuffed animals for a ride. We express anger by stomping play-dough monsters. We process trauma by helping each child reenact their own life story through metaphor, creating meaning, correcting distortions and integrating a cohesive narrative.

Underactive, withdrawn child needs comfort and nurturing to be reassured. Hyperactive, impulsive, excitable, sometimes aggressive, child is often depressed, frightened and lonely.

We also realize that a child is like a seed in the garden, with caregivers being the gardeners. This is why family work, or work with caregivers individually in addition to working with the child, is critical to our success. People are highly influenced by their environment. There are no universal recipes, no one environment that works for everyone. We will help you connect with your child on a deeper level and guide you in creating a nurturing environment that will enable your child and family to thrive.